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Wie bereit bist du für die Liebe? Lustiges Quizbuch

CHF 16,80

A guided questionnaire to help understand ourselves and our romantic relationships more clearly. It offers us nothing less than a guide to the comforting and supportive relationships we long for.



  • The debut title in a new series of guided questionnaire books.
  • A series of 43 questions with accompanying essays help to determine our emotional progress in the realm of love and relationships.
  • The essays that accompany the questionnaire prompt self-reflection: Are we compatible with our partner? Do we have unhealthy patterns of attachment? How do we sabotage our chances of contentment?
  • Adding up the scores in your notebook at the end of the questionnaire can give an indication of how ready we are for love and how we can become more emotionally mature in our relationships.

Language: English

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