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You're History, the twelve strangest women in music – ENGLISCH

CHF 18,80

Raucous, sensual and sublime: how twelve pioneering female artists rewrote the rules of pop.


Seitenanzahl: 162 Seiten

Masse: 16,6 x 13 x 1,3cm

Verlag: Repeater 

Erscheinungsdatum: 09.03.2021

Sprache: Englisch

ISBN-Nummer: 978-1913462314

Dieses Buch kann eine Markierung mit einem Edding an der oberen oder unteren Kante aufweisen und leichte Gebrauchsspuren haben.


From Kate Bush to Nicki Minaj, from Janet Jackson to TLC and Taylor Swift, pop's greatest female pioneers are simply strange: smashing notions of taste and decorum, and replacing them with new ideals of pleasure.

Instead of rehashing biographies, Lesley Chow dives deep into the music of these groundbreaking performers, identifying the ecstatic moments in their songs and finding out what makes them unique.

You're History is a love letter to pop's most singular achievements, celebrating the innovations of women who are still critically underrated. It's a ride that includes tributes to Chaka Khan, Rihanna, Neneh Cherry, Sade, Shakespears Sister, Azealia Banks, and many more...

Zur Autorin

Lesley Chow is an Australian writer on music and film. She is associate editor of the journal Bright Lights and has published widely over the past eighteen years, in Salon, Times Literary Supplement, The Quietus, The Age, Pop Matters, and CNN. She has appeared on numerous film juries including Venice and Berlin, and was President of the Critics' Jury at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2018.

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